This is Addie and big brother Andrew getting ready for the prom. She was a big help. I can not believe Andrew is going to graduate in just a few weeks. Last night after the Spring Arts Show I couldn’t stop crying. When I finally got a hold of myself I thought about how old I would be when Addie graduates from high school and then I really cried hard. My mother was younger than I am now when her children were out of the house. When she was about my age she met my step father and I though it was wonderful she found love so late in life. It was sweet to see old people so happy. Oh well, I eat well and I still go to ballet, and lifting the stroller in and out of the car is a big work out. Maybe I can manage to still be upright when Addie goes off to college. Besides, I love what I’m doing . Happiness will keep you younger than anything, right?


  1. My son graduates from high school in a couple of weeks too. It's shocking to think that just yesterday he was my baby and now he's a man. I sound like my mother when I say that but it's so true!

    I don't think either of us look like we have kids *that* old. So the stroller workout must be doing the trick!



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