Tripping with Children

Here is the best way to have a successful vacation with children:

  • Do not expect to enjoy it.
  • Be prepared to return to the hotel by 6:00 pm, but do not expect them to fall asleep no matter how tired they are- ever.
  • Do not expect them to wake up and embrace the day.
  • Do not expect a lot of fine dining.  Instead, prepare for room service and Aquarium or Museum Cafe Faire. (Or in Addie’s case the occasional Oyster Bar.)
  • Expect some crankiness and a lot of tears- from the adults.
  • Bring a book because your kids will never want to leave the Aquarium and/or Science Museum.  A good suggestion would be a guide book to the city you are visiting so you can learn about all the places you are not going to see.
  • Remember if you travel with kids it is not a vacation it’s a trip
If you follow these few simple rules I promise you will end up having a good time.  Remember DeAnne’s motto for a successful family vacation:
                                                  No expectations=No disappointments
Addie and I are practicing these rules in Seattle and today we went to The Pacific Science Center where Addie explained the law of physics and the functions of the endocrine system to me.  My contribution to the education of the day was to point and say, “Addie lookie pretty butterfly!” and “Can we please stop for a diet coke?” I also really embarrassed her when I tried out the How Flexible Are You! exhibit in the human body room and squealed loudly, “Addie I am more flexible that a thirteen-year-old!” ( I believe you have to acknowledge your successes when they occur.)

I really like Seattle, but after visiting Portland last fall my opinion in the on going and contentious Seattle vs. Portland debate is I prefer Portland.  Of course I was alone in Portland and not pushing a BOB jogging stroller uphill.  No one told me Seattle was on a hill.  The difference between the two cities seems to be the people in Seattle have somewhere to go and the people in Portland are already where they want to be.  Also, Portland has more tattoos.
I have to go now and find some ice because I pulled a muscle while showing off for the dads on the How Flexible Are You! exhibit.  Fortunately it is 6:00 pm and we are already back in our room waiting for room service. That means only six more hours until I am allowed to go to sleep- if I’m lucky.

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