I Will Not Say That

I was silenced on Facebook.  The election, the tragedy in Newtown and the Facebook bullying I encountered for some of my posts regarding those events sent me away for awhile. When I posted a link to a petition to ban assault rifles on the day of the Newtown shooting I was told, “Shame on you!” I was told to, “quit being so hateful”, when I posted my concern about future Supreme Court nominations in regard to gay marriage. I do not understand going on someone’s Facebook page and telling them they are wrong.  I understand disagreeing but I would never judge someones position on their page.  It would be like going into someones house and criticizing theire decorating.  Who cares if you don’t like Mid Century Modern?  You don’t have to live there so shut up.

For instance, I will never go on to one of my Republican friends Facebook page and post my assertion that the majority of visionaries, poets, film makers, and artists are not Republican.  I will never say that the average Republican brain is not capable of the critical thinking and creativity required for such professions.  Because there are one ot two exceptions (the great Ted Nugent comes to mind)  I will  not say that.
I also will not laugh and mock a person when they claim that Republicans are the party of Lincoln.  I will not point out the Southern Democrats of the Civil War era bear a striking resemblance to todays Republicans and if a vote were held now they would never vote to end slavery.  If someone takes offense and says, “That is horrible!  Slavery is an abomination and of course we would vote no!”  I will not say, “Sure, you have had 150 years to get used to it.  If it were a new thought you would freak out.”  Gay rights anyone?  Anyway, saying that would be inflamatory and I will not say it.
Why in the world would I post that I find the ” we are victims” attitude of Republicans in regard to the media laughable. I will not say that it reminds me of the person who says, “Everyone is against me.”  We all know someone like that, right? Now think about it, is everyone really out to get that person or is he a pain in the ass?  Just saying.  Oops, not saying.
I do check in on Facebook once in awhile but I have shied away from posting anything controversial. From now on I’m only posting pictures of my kids, baby animals, and myself on vacation.  I do enjoy the occasional debate  but I find that lately they seem to rapidly deteriorate into name calling- usually by me.  When my friend from high school posted, “Shame on you.” I got really offended and called him a pompous religious asshole.  Not my finest moment.  I apologized for posting he was a pompous religious asshole, and even though I believe he is a pompous religious asshole it is never o.k. to call someone a pompous religious asshole so from now on I will not say it.
non controversial photo of Asian child
                                                     Sofie and her cat.  Can’t argue that!
Me n Las Vegas #crazy!

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