Four Kittens and An EMT

Four Kittens and an EMT

If I ever write a porno film that is what I am going to title it.  My wild foster MaMa cat had FOUR kittens. I thought there were only three but there are three normal size ones and a little tiny one.  The other day I was running around the house all excited about my cats and because everyone on Facebook was talking about gay marriage:

Don- You have eight cats, a blog, and you are studying to be an EMT.  You are one missed hair appointment away from being a lesbian.

Me- You have no idea.

Like I would ever miss a hair appointment.  I may be close to becoming a lesbian but I am not close to having roots- please.

I have been going off antidepressants.  I have been taking them in one form or another for over eleven years and slowly tapering off since January.  I am going to try life unmedicated because I feel pretty good these days and I seem to have developed some alternative skills.  One of the unknown to me perks of Bikram yoga is it is a fantastic mood stabilizer and elevator.  My mood might be elevated because I am always so happy to have survived the class, but whatever- I’ll take it.  I wasn’t aware how difficult it is to get off these drugs.  Doctors tell you that you can’t get addicted just dependent. What they don’t tell you is dependent just means you don’t crave it but you still just can’t stop taking it.  I have heard horror stories but so far I have only had mild versions of the withdrawal symptoms. I think it is because I am tapering so slowly and I am really determined.  Also, I refuse to stay on a drug just because it is uncomfortable to get off it.  I certainly have no problem with antidepressants and they really helped me but I wish I had known upfront this was no easy task.  It was easier to quit drinking and using xanax.  Just saying.  So, I’ll keep you posted.

I start EMT training at UCLA next week.  I don’t really want to be an EMT (although I would look just darling in the uniform with a walkie talkie!) but I really want the skills.  I have been thinking
about it for years and I was actually becoming wistful when I heard a siren.  I am really excited.  I’m pretty sure the class will be packed with fifty-two year old women.  If anyone calls me Mom they are going to get punched.  I just hope I don’t pass out or throw up. Oh!  Maybe Bobby Sherman will be my teacher!  Did you know he became on EMT?  Can you imagine being in an accident and waking up to see Bobby Sherman hovering over you?  I would think I had died and gone to 60’s pop star heaven.  Of course, I would be the only one in the class old enough to know who he is.   Oh well. it’s all groovy.  I think it’s far out that Don’s Old Lady is going to blow her mind learning how to heal. Out of sight man!!!  Peace and Love!

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