The Not So Empty Nest is a blog for people over fifty who for whatever reason find themselves with a full house or just a full life.  We will discuss the special issues of parenting a young child, adult children, our own aging parents, and how to stay healthy, happy, and sane when retirement is a long way away.


  1. Thank you! Well spoken. These were the words I have been searching for to speak if only to myself to put this recent month into an emotional context. Yes, Thank You for the write.

  2. Thank you DeAnne! This is the most inspirational thing my 53-year old self (and not-so-empty nester) has read in quite some time. Gave me hope and a kick in the ass all at the same time. Great writing, girl. Go baby go…keep it coming!

  3. Oh wait!!! I’m not over 50 yet!!! But screw it, I’m not going to let that stop me! I NEED to read this blog! So much of what I’ve read so far has made me feel like you’ve snuck into my brains and taken my thoughts. Please please keep giving voice to my feelings! :0

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