My Brain, Bernie Sanders, and Dazz

I need to write everything down even if I think I will remember it because I won’t remember it.  What happened to my brain?  As a child I could tell you what I wore, ate, and did, “one year ago today”.  Now I can’t remember why I left the room.  Can I get those brain cells back?  I do all the Crossword Puzzles, Jumbles (don’t judge), and Sudokus I can and I still can’t find my keys.


And speaking of old- let’s talk about Bernie Sanders.  Just kidding.  I like the guy.  I also admire the young adults who are excited and rallying behind him.  I like some of those ideas too but we have to be practical and look at the big picture.  He is so far left he can’t win a general election.  He would scare the Republicans even more than the black guy did.   I’m pretty sure  now that I have stated my opinion it will change the course of American politics.  You are welcome Hillary.


Now back to my wandering brain and the real reason for this post.  My good friend Dazz Robertson is starting a blog this week about her so called “ghostly experiences” in New Orleans.  She might be a whack job but she is so smart and beautiful we should give it a try.  I’ll keep you posted.


  1. I was imagining a 74 year old President Sanders trying to find *his* keys, or, Omnipotent Beings help us, trying to find The Red Phone:

    ‘I can’t find the red phone!!!’

    ‘Bernie, it’s Putin, you’re talking on it.’

    But then I realized those president people have body men.

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