Addie and Mama on the road for Obama

Addie and I left today for Las Vegas to campaign for Barack Obama.  After stopping for coffee we made it all the way to Glendale (5 miles) before we had to exit and fix the headphones for the DVD player.  It took 15 minutes, but it was either that or listen to Nihao Kailin for 4 hours.  I have so many memories of  driving to Vegas.  We went to Wyoming every summer and Vegas was our first pit stop.  I remember when I was ten we stopped at Calico Ghost Town.  Who would even look up there for silver?  It is out in the middle of no where.  We stayed at the campground overnight and the generator went out on the Winnebego so no air conditioning in July in the desert.  Mom let us have a pepsi in the middle of the night to cool off.  It was fun.

Addie napped and then we stopped for lunch at The Mad Greek in Baker.  I was beginning to regret my decision to wear my Obama t-shirt. I know you can’t tell by looking (always)  but it looked pretty Republican.  I assured them we were just “passing through”.
Our tradition when arriving in Vegas is to get nachos and diet coke at the Forum Shops.  Then Addie got to pick out a lot of toys at FAO Schwartz because mom is leaving her with a babysitter for a long time tomorrow.  I am going into the sun and talking to strangers which are probably the two thinks I dislike the most.  I must really love Obama.
Addie loved the debate.  She is so into politics.  I’m not sure who won, but McCain has that Republican smug smirk down to a science.  Ew.