gay marriage

Gay? O.K.!

Senator Rob Portman announced today he is for same sex marriage.  The conservative Senator once considered a possible Romney running mate says the journey to his new perspective began in 2011 when his son came to him and told him he was gay.  It illustrates what I have been noticing as the “now that it effects me I understand” mentality I see with some Republicans.  In my “totally non scientific and doesn’t count for anything except I can write it down and it saves Don from having to listen to me rant” observations I find Republicans have a difficult time caring about things that don’t concern them directly.  I wouldn’t call it lack of empathy, but more the “I got mine go get yours even though we will not give you equal opportunity to get yours oh wait my son is gay so he should get married too and my sister needs a student loan so that is ok and my cousin has cancer and is uninsured so I like Obama Care don’t tell anyone I said that.” mentality.

Sofie’s Goddess Mom’s getting same sex married.

I do not mean to take away from Senator Portman’s announcement.  I think it is wonderful he has been able to see a situation in a new light and realize he needs to change.  Not many of us can do that. (I can, but as I have said before I am pretty morally superior to the rest of you.)  He also has put his job and position in the Republican Party at risk.  He should be commended and I think I will send him a note today to tell him that.  He’ll be so happy to hear from me!  If the Party gets too mad at him for using his heart and his brain he can join my other favorite Republicans John Huntsman and Chris Christie in the “Oh for God’s sake I can’t stand this anymore you idiots are driving me crazy and Tea Party really is ridiculous wait now that I could actually get elected even by Democrats and certainly Independents you are shunning me,  what?” club.  I think he will be in pretty good company.