Smothers Brothers


I am selling Lipstick.  I never in a million years thought I would be a part of a multi-level marketing program, but here I am.  What’s more, I am loving it.  It’s called LipSense and it stays on all day until you take it off.  I bought some, used it, and decided to sell it.  I am actually making pretty good money after only three weeks.  Who knew? Lipstick?  I really wanted to do it but decided it wasn’t for me because it wasn’t ‘important” enough.  Every job I have ever done, paid or volunteered,  had to be something that contributes to society.  (Except for dancer.  Dancers don’t save the world but they do make it better.) Selling lipstick is not changing the world. It is not as important as helping incarcerated women have babies, working on a political campaign, or running a big fundraiser at school.  It’s make up, for God’s sake and I don’t even wear it that often.  Still, I wanted to do it and when I told people about it I would roll my eyes and say, “Can you believe it?”  Then, the more I learned, I saw that selling lipstick actually is extremely important for some people.  This business is changing women’s lives.  They are creating careers, able to stay home with their children if they want, take their families on vacation, get a new car!  I am fortunate enough to have those things already but I remember a time when I did not. I really wish I had something like this when I was a single mom.  It also occurred to me that doing something I deemed as important did not make ME important………… huh. So, instead of being the smug dilettante I normally am I decided I, in fact, really, really wanted to sell lipstick.  It’s mostly done on Social Media and I do most of my business off my Facebook Group, Pure Love Lasting Lipstick if your interested.


How important was this job…..really.  By the way, Sleeping Beauty sells lipstick too.

Now I have an excuse to be on Facebook  AND….. here is the best part! I love making Live Videos!   Turns out I do miss being in front of the camera a bit and I am enjoying it so much!  I forgot how cute and adorable I was.  The idea now is to get people in a downline to sell it too.  I have no trouble talking to people about joining because I really feel it’s a great opportunity.   My goal, and it is totally doable, is to make enough money to give Don more options.  That is quite a bit of money but women are doing it.

Amazingly, since I am in my office working I have also begun to do what I most want to do- write.  I’m at my desk and I feel good about myself so I feel like as long as I’m here  I might as well write.  It’s a win-win.  Unless you don’t like my writing or lipstick then I can’t help you.  In a nutshell. I am loving doing something I never saw coming and it is allowing me to do what I really love. Sounds like selling lipstick may be pretty important after all.

Vote For Nixon

I am embarrassed to blog. I thought I was embarrassed because I didn’t want people to think I was so arrogant I thought they should read what I have to say. But, the truth of it is, I am embarrassed because I am so arrogant I think people should read what I have to say. I probably always have been. All that pontificating I did in the first grade when I tried to get my democratic family to vote for Nixon should have been the first clue. I have never publicly admitted to anyone that I tried to get my mother to vote for Nixon (very loudly in the voting booth) until now . My family has never mentioned it again except for my Grammy Lu who referred to it as, “The Unfortunate Incident”. Actually, I really wanted Pat Paulson to win, which segues perfectly into explaining the title of my blog. If you know who Pat Paulson is you were watching the Smother’s Brothers in the late 60’s. Which means you are over fifty or pretty darn close. Well, I am pretty darn close. I thought that by fifty I would be successful, have raised my kids, and could now travel and read alot. At 49 1/2 I have only finished raising one kid, I have a thirteen year old and a five year old at home. I am not successful by societal measures, but my husband is, which makes me successful by default. I do read a lot, but lately I seem to be playing a lot of Sneezies on my IPad ( a game an infant can play) and the only travel I am doing is driving south on I-5 to Disneyland. Fifty doesn’t look anything like I thought it would when I was thirty. Thank God. I am happy and the reason, at least for today, is I have learned I can do anything I want and what I want is what I am doing. Go figure. Me, former shortest showgirl in the world, Disney Princess, and Equity Dinner Theater Star would throw up if I had to go on stage again. I like it in the audience. I like watching my kid on the stage and I have passed the torch. Oh, but what a glorious torch it was! I am very much hoping for another fifty years and I have little to no regrets about the first fifty, except, of course, for “the unfortunate incident” in the voting booth in 1968. All in all, not bad.