US Marine Corp

Fer Us Or Agin US

Fellow Freedom Haters watch fireworks with Addie

On the 4th of July we did what most American’s did: we went to the Country Club and enjoyed a fine BBQ and then while the staff cleaned everything up we cozied up in blankets on the golf course and drank hot toddy’s and hot chocolate while watching our private fireworks spectacular. Even with the glorious fireworks bursting in air right over my head, about half way through the show I started to feel a little sad and by the end I was getting mad.  I love the 4th of July and I love my country, but because I am a democrat I am constantly being told by the conservative media that I am not patriotic.  It makes me sad to live in a country that is so divided. When I was a kid it didn’t seem to be us vs. them.  People had their differences of opinion but they respected one another.  It is so hateful right now and apparently as a society we only have to be politically correct until we are talking about actual politics and then all bets are off.  
Me and a Drill Sergeant
I toured military bases with the USO without pay off and on for a year, but I think we should never have invaded Iraq.  I am not a patriot.
I spent countless hours on the phone, traveled to another state on my dime to go door to door in 100 degrees heat and hosted phone banks at my home every week for months to campaign for a man I believed in to be President of the United States.  My candidate, elected by a majority of Americans somehow has “taken over” and is called a socialist, ergo I am not a patriot.
My Uncle fought at Iwo Jima, another Uncle fought in Vietnam and my Dad served four years in the Marine corps and did such an exemplary job he made Sergeant in four years during peace time.  My nephew was honored at his high school graduation because he is becoming a Marine in September. I am so proud of him wanting to serve his country I could bust.   There are democrats in the military, folks, and bullets do not discriminate.  Try to be in a family with Marine’s and not be patriotic.  I dare you.
Fort Ord (I’m in the middle)

What is so amazing is that Republican’s have even started calling people in their own party unpatriotic.  God forbid you should think outside of the party line.  Are you listening John Roberts?  How did people who dress in the flag and wear straw hats with tea bags hanging off of them get to tell all Republicans what to do anyway? Those with such a blatant disregard for fashion should never be listened to.

So, because I am tired of people calling me and those like me unAmerican I am initiating the Just Shut Up campaign.  Are you complaining about a health care bill you learned about by watching Fox News and haven’t actually bothered to get any non partisan information yourself?  Just shut up.  Pretending your hatred of Obama is not racially motivated when you ask to see his birth certificate over and over again?  Just shut up.  Think all Republican policy is bad and there are no thoughtful Republican legislators out there?  Just shut up.  Think  “the destruction of tea” happened because Sam Adams friends didn’t want to pay taxes?  You would be wrong.  They only wanted to be taxed by their elected representatives,  you tea bag wearing morons.  They knew taxes were important to the infrastructure of our nation so just shut up.  Don’t want to ever raise taxes and think everyone should take care of them selves?  Then get off the roads, out of the schools, put out your own house fire and just shut up.  And finally, whether you are Republican or Democrat quit letting politicians tell you what to think.  Get on your computer and go to The World Wide Web that Al Gore invented and research things for yourself.  And, don’t just go to the websites you agree with. Please actually use your own brain and form your own opinions and I will be happy to listen to you even if I disagree with you.  Otherwise- just shut up.