Waldorf School

Our Lady of Perpetual Embarrassment

It is official.  I am now an embarrassment to all of my children, even Addie.  Yesterday when I took her to school she told me I couldn’t walk her in because I embarrass her.  Now, I can understand if I was taking her to the public school in La Canada.  Yes, perhaps I am a bit colorful for our conservative neighborhood, but Addie goes to Waldorf School!  I am not the most embarrassing parent at Waldorf by far.  In fact I am probably known as, “poor Addie’s Mom who can’t paint, sculpt, or even felt a handbag.”  I mean really,  even the one Dad that wears a suit (I am not kidding there is only one) gets to walk his kid in to the school.

Seriously?  I’m embarrassing?

Addie:  Mom please just drop me off. You embarrass me.
            (I wasn’t even dancing or singing or anything.)

Me: Why? The other kids are letting their parents walk them in and they aren’t embarrassed.

Addie: The other kids parents are kings and queens.

Wow, I did not know that.  Poor Addie.

I want to write about all the women CEO’s in the news but I don’t have time today because I have to decorate my house for Easter and go to yoga so I will tomorrow.  I guess there is no wondering why I am not successful in business.  I will however have an opinion for you on all this no flex time leaning in stuff soon.

Also, I am really into the election of the Pope.  I am not Catholic but I still love watching an ancient rite take place in our lifetime.  I am, of course, rooting for The Reformers (huzzah!) as opposed to The Romans (boo, hiss).  If Cardinal Timothy Dolan was to be elected I might even convert.  I think he is way cool.  Although I don’t know if he believes in gay people or women, I am pretty sure he thinks sex with children is a bad idea.  Go Reformers!! Carpe Diem!!

Check in here tomorrow to get the final and only opinion you need about women in the workforce.