DeAnne Writes about The History Chicks and TikTok

I am so excited! I am at the airport waiting to board a plane to Boston where I will be joining the The History Chicks Field Trip on a tour of sites they have previously discussed on their podcast.  I am fan girling out to meet hosts Susan Vollenweider and Beckett Graham. I usually travel solo and this will be the first time I have ever done a tour with complete strangers. But, the reason I usually travel solo is my family gets irritated with me having to stop at every historical marker and read every plaque I come across.  My husband’s most dreaded words to hear from me are, “Did you know……” I have a feeling the people on this trip will understand the inclination to learn all I can about where I am. 

I received my first not so nice comment on TikTok this morning.  The woman said my hashtags had nothing to do with one another (and that my hair looked bad but she was right about that).  The hashtags were, #soberlife #alcoholfree #alcoholicsanonymous and #danceteacher.  Granted they appear to be random. But, to the contrary- with out those first hashtags there is no dance teacher, or mother, wife, writer or daily bathing.   If I don’t have sobriety I risk losing everything and everyone I love.  When you understand it through that lens it is not at all random.

I am putting myself out there and not everyone is going to like what I have to say.  I guess I will learn to deal.  Haters gotta hate.  

Just now I was thinking how hip I was to be quoting Taylor Swift and posting on TikTok  and then I remembered I was going on a history tour.  Oh my God that woman was right!  I am so random.