After receiving our referral on January 4, 2006 we began to make plans to travel to China to pick up our daughter Adams (Addie) Lee Yuan Ying.

Zhao Yuan Ying is waiting in foster care in the Hunan Province of China. She is nine months old and the one of the three cutest, smartest children in the world. The other two, her brother Andrew (18) and her sister Sofie (8) are very excited to meet her (most of the time).

We began the process in January of 2005, turned our paperwork in to USAA in March 2005, and we were DTC April 5. We are just waiting for “3rd call” from USAA to let us know when we are leaving. We are ready.


  1. Dearest DeAnne, I am so proud of you. You make our whole family proud – past and present. Your Papa and Grammy Lu are proud of you and always have been. Be sure to show Addie the Baby Tears. You are so loved and, Addie, you will be too. Deeny, you are a great Mom. Have a safe trip and bring us our new baby. I love you!

  2. Our thoughts are with you this day as you start out on one of the biggest adventures of your life. How fun it will be and a lot of work, but you will be great. Can't wait to meet her!!! Jack and Shawna

  3. Merrilyn said that you get Addie today, hope all is going well and that you are having a great trip. Give Addie a hug and kiss from her Aunt Shawna and Uncle Jack.

  4. DeAnne et al,

    Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to meet Addie – she is just beautiful.

    Miss Sofie – Sandy and I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in China. Is it really cold there? What kind of food are you eating? Do you have lots of pictures to share? What’s you favorite thing about China (besides Addie:-)?

    We will be seeing Master Andrew on Saturday and we’ll congratulate him then on his acceptance to Hofstra! New York -wow…start spreading the news…

    DeAnne, after reading your last post, I can't help but ponder the irony of listening to (wise of you not to watch) the crucifixion of Christ while getting a foot massage in the middle of China – for $6 dollars. And this is the country that just banned the coupling of live action and animation in film. I guess we all have to draw the line somewhere – just not in the same movie as live actors. Changsha sounds, well, interesting. You are very, very far from home.

    We miss you – hurry back!
    Ms. Shell and Ms. Sandy

  5. DeAnne, Can't wait to see ya'll! I'm so excited! You and your whole family are so special! Lots of Love, CanCan

  6. Hey DeAnne!
    We're so happy for your entire family…Addie is such a cutie, and is so blessed to have such a good hearted mom. Cherish this special time, send our congrats to Andrew, our love to Sophie, and a great big HOWDY to Don!

    The Waddells

  7. WOW! Sofie and Addie have the most talented and greatest big brother ever! Just got home from seeing Andrew's performance for the fourth time and I am sorry it is over. It was absolutely fabulous. I just love all of you tons and tons. So anxious for you to get home so we can share stories. Love, Love & Love from Poppins.

  8. Hey Beautiful Family!!!
    Your photos are great. Everyone looks very happy. I cannot wait to see you all. (ESPECIALLY ADDIE)Have a wonderful rest of your trip and I look forward to seeing you all when you get home.
    Love you all
    Daddy Face

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