We are leaving March 3 and I can’t believe we are finally going to pick up our baby. All of the projects I had planned to make the year go by faster remain unstarted. I guess the photos will not be put into albums just yet and I will not finish my Pre Natal fitness certification. Oh well.

How did I get so lucky? Why do I get to be this baby’s mother? I am the third in the line of women who will love and care for this child and the only one who will be able to keep her. Her birth mother kept her for a month. I can not imagine the agony she went through when she had to leave her. Her sacrifice is my treasure. I will never let Addie’s mother down. I will not take her loss lightly and I will pray she finds peace. Her foster mother will have kept her and loved her for nine months. I am so worried and so torn about talking Addie from the only home and family she has ever known. She will not know joy or happiness the day she comes with us. She will be afraid and she will be wanting her mom. Will her foster mom return to her home and look around for Yuan Ying ? There will be a hole in the home and in her heart. I will not let Addie’s foster mom down either. I promise I will contiue what they have begun. I will make sure with every breath in my body that our daughter has a good life. She will grow up to be a caring compassionate loving person. She will know she has three mothers who love her. Two of them will be in her heart and I will be the lucky one who gets to kiss her good night. Life is good.


  1. DeAnne and family — have fun in China! I'll be following your journey with eager eyes back here in California!

    Say hello to Norman and the China team for me!


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