I’m going to try to post a photo. I can’t see the blog so let me know if you can. I had this thought that while I was in China I would send back witty and meaningful reflections of our journeys. Well, that’s not looking so likely. We are still in Changsha and today we visited the oldest University in the world. Maybe I can get Andrew in there. DeAnne


  1. Yes! We can see the blog! Addie is darling. I'm sorry she's sad though. I suppose that perfectly normal considering how strange her week has been so far!

    But that'll all change so soon! I can't wait to see more pictures!


  2. Congratulations to the whole family. Addie is precious! I hope her adjustment will go smoothly and that she will soon be smiling! Congratulations again on your wonderful new daughter.

  3. Yes it worked! Thanks for posting the pictures. She is adorable!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing more, and have fun at the university today.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Addie is beautiful. You will be amazed at how quickly she will come around. She'll be smiling & showing her true personality in no time. Enjoy the rest of your travels. Wishing you all the best,

  5. She is so beautiful. Has the sadness improved any? I would imagine this whole process is quite overwhelming for both of you. I hope it's giggles and smiles very soon.

    Best Wishes,


  6. Wow. Addie is so gorgeous! I can't wait to see her. Don't worry that she might be a bit confused now. She has a new mom with flaming red hair, a new sister with long blond curly hair, and a dad like… well, Don! Not the kind of thing most Chinese are used to. Hope you are enjoying China. Jessie sends her love.
    Love, Jaime

  7. Oh…happiness is such an american concept anyway. Sadness on the other hand, shows how thoughtful and intelligent she is. Your pictures are beautiful and DeAnee, you and Sofie look so happy, I am confident there will be smiles all around soon. Please write more if you can stand it. I really enjoy checking in with your blog.

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