Well, there is no need to include Changsha on your must see list. Although the food is great and the hotel is nice, the view out our window is one flying car short of Blade Runner. The best reason to come here, the place where Chairman Mao was educated, is to get a baby.

Addie is remarkable. She has come so far in 48 hours. I have been her wire monkey since Gotcha, but today she decided Don was o.k. She even was trying to make him laugh. Good idea.

While Addie and Daddy were bonding I went to get a foot massage for $6.00 American. A diet coke cost $5.00 and a sixty minute massage is $6.00. Labor is cheap. The foot massage room has a few chairs in it facing a T.V. that at the time I was there was tuned to HBO and was airing some movie about the crucifixion of Christ. Just as I was starting to relax I heard, “Call for the release of Barabus!” Not real conducive to relaxation. Then as I was getting a great foot massage I had to listen to screaming, moaning and the pounding of nails through flesh. (Yes, thankfully it was still the Jesus movie.) I didn’t even look up once to see the carnage. They tried, but they could not make me watch it. Just like they could not make me watch Red Asphalt in traffic school. After Jesus died the sound track was actually quite beautiful as the three Marys did their stuff. Doesn’t the Three Marys sounds like the name of a drag show? Anyway, I digress. The Chinese give great massages, but do not seem to understand the “spa experience.” Forgive them father, they know not what they do.

P.S. Andrew was accepted to Hofstra and offered a scholarship. Congratulations first born!!!!


  1. Courtney Crane's computer has been down for days, but she wants you to know that she wishes you the best and is thinking of you and can't wait to see Addie.

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