Addie is a truley amazing little person. She has obviously been very well taken care of. She is secure and happy and will let us comfort and love her. We are so blessed and so lucky. She sucks her thumb so she can comfort herself and will sit and play with toys. She notices everything and turns her head when she hears a noise to see whats going on. She has deep inquisitive eyes. I realize I keep ending sentances with a preposition, but at least I’m upright and typing.
Yesterday we visited the Hunan Embroidery Museum. We are talking real live embroidery, not the chain stitch and poppy stitch I learned in Brownies. The work was amazing. The stitches so fine and so delicate it looks like a painting. My favorite was a dancer (natch) in a Red Army costume doing a saute arabesque. It was so strong and beautiful. The lines of his body were perfect.

Want to know what is amazing? We traveled 15 hours by plane, another hour by plane and Addie traveled 8 hours on a bus so we could meet each other. We were about as far away as we could be, but thanks to God, the People’s Republic of China and US Asian Affairs we have found each other and we are a family. Life is good.

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