It is cold and windy today. We are not getting out to see much in China. I suppose we will have to come back some day with Addie and show her where she is from. I don’t really want to visit Changsha again so I may tell Addie she is from Beijing. Don thinks we should tell her she is from San Francisco.

She is so wonderful. She is so easy. She looks for me and reaches for me when we are out in public. I can’t believe we have only had her for a week.

Everything people say about USAA is true. They are fabulous. They take care of everything and then some.

Yesterday we went for Addie’s medical check up. She weighs 18 pounds. They took off her diaper and I think they were checking to make sure she was a girl. She needed changing anyway. I miss everyone and I want a salad.



  1. Hi! It looks like you like her. I saw Addie on the blog pictures and she is so adorable. Can't wait to see Sofie at school!

  2. Dear Deanne,
    I sit here with tears streaming down my face having read your entries. They are witty and moving. I had an image of the three Mary's from the movie juxtaposed with the three mothers you speak of for Addie. She is beautiful and Sophie is utterly glowing as a big sister. What tremendous blessings to find that Andrew's been accepted to Hofstra. I am so happy for you and your family. Much love, Lori

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