This will be my last post as tomorrow morning Don flies home with the computer. We are following the next day. Hooray!! I would love to return to China some day, but being here with a new baby has made it difficult to see much. This whole thing is so surreal. Adoption is a labor of it’s own kind. Whether a baby passes through your body or through customs they both have their own equally difficult transitions. And, like labor, I imagine someday I will forget the hard part and just remember what a beautiful time it was. The exhaustion and anxiety of last week has already faded a bit. All I can tell you is it is worth every second. We have our baby and our family feels complete.

Tonight we are going on a dinner cruise of the Pearl River and tomorrow is our farewell dinner.
Friday we board China Southern Airlines and we will arrive at LAX 5:50 p.m. I can’t wait for you all to meet Addie and more importantly I can’t wait to have a diet coke in a cup with ice.

DeAnne (Go Gators!)


  1. What an exciting time in you life! Addie coming in to your world- Andrew setting out into his own and Sophie-becoming a big sister. Congratulations – enjoy this wonderful time!
    Love, Missy

  2. Dear Family of FIVE and my dear Deanne, I drive through Toluca Lake and I think of you. I go to the office and I think of you. I'm driving to the cleaners and I think of you. You are always in my heart and frequently on my mind. I was just able to access your blog, as I'm almost totally inapt with computers. Glad to get the good news….. Jan

  3. She is the most beautiful child ever!!!! I am glad that she is part of the entire Huber-Perez-Todd family!!! I will have the diet coke and an amazing st. patty's day dinner waiting for you when you get home!!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! You guys much be feeling so many different emotions. Have a safe trip home!!

    Mom to Salome in Inner Mongolia

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