What a day.  Long,  hot ,at times irritating, but if we got a few more votes all with it.  Thank God I was with my co Team Fred member RoseMary.  She is great and we really worked well together.  We knocked on 79 doors and only had 4 people tell us they were for “the other guy”.  One man who was afraid we would take his guns thinks Sarah Palin is “real sharp and quite a looker”.  For God’s sake.  We had quite a few undecided which after talking to people you come to realize actually means racist.  One elderly woman told us Barack was mocking the bible and that he was a muslim.  She said she always voted democrat, but just wasn’t sure this time.  We spoke with her along time….who knows.

All in all I am so happy I am here doing this.  Thanks Don for holding down the fort at home.
Addie spent the day with her babysitter Miss Sandy who I am pretty sure is Harvey Firestein in drag.  They had a grand time and Addie had donuts, cookies, and ice cream and candy.  What happens in Vegas……

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