Today was not as good a day as yesterday.  It started and ended beautifully, but in between I saw a whole lot of ugly.  One of our first stops was with a  woman from the Philipenes who just became a citizen last year.  She was very happy to be voting in her first presidential election and wasn’t sure who she wanted to vote for yet because she took voting very seriously and didn’t want to make a mistake.  After speaking to her for awhile it was obvious she was leaning Obama.  I was inspired and reminded what a privilege it is to be able to vote.  Next came the whole lot of ugly.  White people ugly who seem to favor pit bulls.  It took us half a day yesterday to realize that “undecided” usually is thinly disguised racism.  Today we were lucky enough to encounter pretty obvious racism as in, “I will not vote for a black man.”  coming from a  life long democrat, but I must say not very bright (or attractive, but that shouldn’t matter) woman.  She told us she wasn’t going to be voting to which I replied, “Good”.  Then RoseMary said, “Thank you for your honesty.” and dragged me away from the door.

We ended on a great note speaking with a young woman also voting in her first election.  She was very excited to talk with us and had many very educated questions.  Her mother was quietly folding laundry and listening.  She was beaming with pride at her daughter and as well she should have been,
So with a few houses to go back in the pit bull neighborhood we decided to skip those and end on a high note.  When I got back to the hotel I slapped on some lipstick and fake hair and Addie and I headed over to the Bellagio to see the garden and Chanel (Happy 4th AA birthday to me).  Addie, Sofie and Andrew are why I am here.  I feel there is a shift in the wind.  A change coming.  Even if, God forbid Obama loses this election a spark has been fanned and we can not go back.  I will stay out here going door to door to make sure my children have as great a country to grow up in as I did as long as it takes.  Pardon the party line, but YES WE CAN!!

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