Concord, Mass

I am in Concord, Massachusetts today and in the spirit of those great literary figures who lived here, Emerson, Thoreau, Alcott, and Hawthorne I offer you this highly important and well thought out poem I wrote in the car while looking for parking.

Ode To Concord

There ain’t no parking in Concord today.

Should I keep on looking or just drive away?

This town is so liberal- makes writing a breeze.

Just listen you’ll hear the words blow through the trees.

Revolution and writers, history abounds.

Free thinking encouraged. The mind has no bounds.

The Rainbow Flag’s flying from churches and cars.

But, I don’t see any of them there gay bars.

The say, “Black Lives Matter” on a big sign in town.

But, I don’t see any black people around.

Yes, here all are welcome but most look like me

A white liberal, feminist, writer- to- be.


This poem actually made Ralph Waldo Emerson turn over in his grave.  I know because I visited it today.

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